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Yifan Wu

I am second year PhD student at UC berkeley working with Prof. Joe Hellerstein, Prof. Eugene Wu, and Prof. Remco Chang. I am excited about helping people ingest large datasets by designing new interactions for visualizations. Coming from a databases background, I use ideas from data centric programming to inform my thinking about visualization designs. For example, my current project examines the relationship between asynchronous/concurrent query execution (well established in the database literature) and the design of interactive visualizations. Concurrency has been known to help systems and programs run faster, but it has not being applied to designing user interfaces and interactions. This is a novel way of thinking about end to end visualization systems performance, turning the questions traditionally asked like “how do we make data processing faster”, and “what’s the latency that users could stand”, to “how to change UX designs to make visualizations robust against latency and asynchrony”. You could find papers I'm part of Google Scholar, and a Strange Loop talk given Sep 2016.

You could email (firstnamelastname@berkeley.edu) or tweet me

Misc: I summarize interesting papers I read here. I keep a blog, and tweets. I take pictures and read books. I received my A.B. in Computer Science from Harvard College in 2014 where I was advised by Prof. Idreos.