Paper: Querying Without Keyboards By: Arnab Nandi


New database architecture for interaction workloads, which is very unique and the paper explains the categories of issues due to many queries from continuous interactions. This calls for a design of query manager to deal with delay, cancelling queries.


Query model:

  • Query intent: a model for the intension of the user, it transitions as the user continues with the interaction.
  • Query context: refers to query intent transitions, and all recent intermediate results and feedback.
  • Query gesture: the direct feedback from user, used along with query context and intent model to complete the underlying query template.
  • Intent feedback: this is to help the user jump to the next stage of their interaction sooner. And based on this they have some cool system design ideas.


The query model is a cool approach to map user processes to a more robust theoretical model. The fact that the “intent space” moves less volatile than user movements is very interesting and do provide more opportunities for optimization.